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Transistor Computer Kit---Both CPU and memory are made only of discrete transistors.

Total number of parts: 6926

When a new CPU is released, they always say "it is made of **millions of transistors."
Then what if we make a computer only of 3-pin discrete transistors?
This is a kit to make a computer of discrete transistors, no IC.
The used parts are transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, switches and connectors.
Just to make sure, no such parts as resistor array are used, because they may look like IC.

As of 7/7/2014, we start providing this all-transistor computer as a kit.

You can see a large picture by clicking the image below. Video

CPU:11 bit (All of the address bus size, data bus size, register size and ALU size are 11 bits.)
Clock:1 KHz (manual clock is available)
Registers:A, B and C
RAM:5.5 byte
ROM:128 byte


Although it is less powerful than a mega Hz processor like PIC, it works.