HypoTerminal is the simplest terminal software to communicate through COM port.

Though HyperTerminal is enough(?) for most users,

1.  It only sends one byte/packet when used with the virtual COM port.
2.  It is not included in Windows Vista/7.

There are many other free terminal softwares (e.g. TeraTerm, putty, ...). They are really good, but are a bit hard to configure for beginners. This one may be useful for quick connection. Please use it freely.
This application was programmed with C#, SerialPort class, and .NET framework 2.0 on VS2005.


Windows XP / Vista / 7
600-115000 bps, 7,8 databits, none/odd/even/mark/space parity, 1/1.5/2 stopbit.
Text file transfer via clipboard or a drag-and-drop operation.

1. No flow controls.
2. No terminal emulation.
3. No macros.

* Encode: default code page / UTF-8.
* Control keys are neglected.


Download (409KB) and invoke setup.exe.


Use installer again, or remove it using the control panel.


7 January 2009  --  Version 1.0 released.
5 June 2009  --  Fixed a problem accessing COM10- .
31 December 2010  --  Version 2.0 released.