HypoTerminal is the simplest terminal software to communicate through COM port.

HyperTerminal was sufficient(?) for most users, but now it is not included in Windows.

There are many other free terminal softwares (e.g. TeraTerm, putty, ...). They are really good, but are a bit hard to configure for beginners. This one may be useful for quick connection. Please use it freely.

This application was programmed with C# and SerialPort class.


Windows 7 / 10
600-115000 bps, 7,8 databits, none/odd/even/mark/space parity, 1/1.5/2 stopbit. Xon/Xoff, DTR
Text file transfer via clipboard or a drag-and-drop operation.

1. No terminal emulation.
2. No macros.

* Encode: default code page / UTF-8.
* Control keys are neglected.


Download (520KB) and invoke Setup.msi.


Use installer again, or remove it using the control panel.


7 January 2009  --  Version 1.0 released.
5 June 2009  --  Fixed a problem accessing COM10- .
31 December 2010  --  Version 2.0 released.
31 March 2018  --  Version 3.0 released.